I attended and graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Allied Health Sciences in New York City in 1995. I was certified in Swedish and Medical Massage, as well as Shiatsu.

Upon graduating my first job was working as a member of the medical staff for a minor league soccer team. In the medical clinic at school I realized I wanted to work with pain management and sports injuries, and the season on the medical staff confirmed this for me.

My interest in sports injuries led me to the Chelsea Piers Origins Spa when they first opened their facility in NYC. It's located in the center of a massive sports complex which includes ice hockey, gymnastics, rock climbing, and track and field. It provided an opportunity to experience a multitude of clients and their various physical struggles.

After leaving Chelsea Piers I started my private practice. This was prompted by getting the position as the Massage Therapist for a dance show from Australia called Tap Dogs that was performing in NYC. It is an extremely physical show and forceful style of tap dancing that requires extensive maintenance for the dancers.

I enjoyed working with the dancers on a continuous basis and over an extended period of time. It allowed me to truly address their problems and help prevent injuries. It was during this time that I feel I developed my personal style and approach to the body and bodywork.

After a year with the North American Company I was invited to work with the other Tap Dogs productions internationally. I then spent the next three years touring throughout Europe and Asia.

Upon returning to NYC I have continued to work closely with people in the entertainment industry, as well as athletes, dancers, and anyone who struggles with pain and muscle restriction.

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